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A beautiful place to grow.


We are now accepting enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year!

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This program is geared toward tots ages 2-4 years old as an introduction to their school careers!  


Days filled with laughter and fun!


Arts N Crafts, Music, Story Time, and More!


Dance & Creative Movement

Because your little ones deserve it...


At The Tot Spot, we offer a warm, safe, family-like environment to meet the developmental needs of children ages 2 to 3 through creative play, exploration, and cooperation. Our programs and curriculums are child-centered and inquiry-based focusing on the child’s emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth. We encourage your child’s natural curiosity, love of learning, and cultivation of skills to help your child be successful when they start school and to lead a healthy and productive life. We offer children learning experiences that are socially relevant, intellectually engaging, and personally meaningful through creative play, art, listening, story-telling inquiry, observation, reflection, social interaction, and problem-solving. Our site is light and bright with play areas, sensory bins, hands-on crafts, a library, and open space for creative movement.

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