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Fotini Mitilis

Street Jazz / Hip Hop Instructor

Fotini Francesca Mitilis was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She has been dancing since the age of eight at various dance studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Fotini also studied dance at The College of Staten Island and Hunter College. She has been on an adventurous journey with teaching and choreographing for 14 years. She has experience in ballet, jazz, street jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, tap, and Zumba fitness. She has performed and choreographed for many dance studios and competition teams in Brooklyn, La Fusion Dance Company, numerous artists and DJs, and performed in off Broadway productions such as Myrorka. 


Fotini enjoys dancing because she feels it is one if the best ways to express emotion and messages across the world. It also helps promote positive energy to one another.  A distinction in Fotini's dancing is her fluidity and sharpness. In her choreography she is known to always tell a story and go from different extremes to show the softness and intensity of each movement. A goal Fotini wants to achieve is to give as much knowledge of dance and fitness with as many different people as possible. With learning and creating with as many diverse people as possible she feels she can spread her creativity, positive energy, and learn how to grow more as a choreographer,  dancer, and fitness trainer . Through her dance education Fotini has developed intense training workouts for dancers, and people who just want to be come lean, fit, strong and feel good.

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