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Juliette Admoni

Studio Director, Lyrical, Jazz & Contemporary Instructor, Choreographer


Juliette founded Jump Dance Studio in 2014.  She has turned her life-long passion for dance into her reality, and she directs a vibrant dance studio with hundreds of eager dancers!  She began competing in the dance world from a very young age, and has performed and competed all over the tri-state area.  She knew that sharing dance with others would become her life mission!


Juliette teaches dancers from ages 2-18, and has extensive experience teaching lyrical, jazz, and contemporary styles.  Her choreography skills are on full display in her national-award winning productions each year, where her entire company team participates in 5-10 minute routines!  She brings it all together with ease, and just last year she took home 1st place at the World Dance Championships for her “Disco Fever” production!


Her connection to her dancers is incredible, and through choreography, class time, and 1-on-1 lessons, Juliette forms a bond with her students that will last well beyond their years of dance.  She is so excited to share her love for dance with each student she teaches!

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